The Bridal Preview

Your Hair & Makeup Trial

If you are interested in booking hair or makeup bridal services with Dianna Elizabeth beauty, the next step is to lock in your preview date. The bridal preview allows us to come together to create the perfect look for you for your wedding day! The preview typically takes up to about 4 hours if you have booked both bridal hair and makeup and 2 hours if you have booked just one service.

PRO TIP: Try to plan your preview on a date that you have something fun going on! A girl’s night, dinner or event that you can attend to put your glam to use!

NOTE: We book previews no more than 3 months prior to your wedding date.

Professional Bridal Hair Services


Wedding Hair Accessories

Having a visual to work off is always best as we can piece together your look based on the photos and customize it just for you. Some good places to start looking for inspiration is Instagram, Pinterest or even our portfolio!


Please have any hair accessories with you for your bridal preview. Even if you are unsure of what you want to use and have multiple pieces, it will give us options to play around with. The more the merrier! If you plan to wear a veil on your wedding day, please also have that available as we can get the whole visual of your look with that as the final touch!


Your bridal preview is giving us a full visual of how you will look on your wedding day so even what you wear on the day of your preview is important! Try to wear a top that is white and has a similar neckline and cut to that of your wedding dress.

Your Smile

Yes, that’s right…Bring your smile! The preview day is all about having fun and getting glammed up!

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